Quality Control Department

  • 1-off Mitutoyo Type M544 3-Axis CMM & a Renishaw MRP-2 Measuring Head with interchangeable Stylii with Cosmos Operating system.

  • 1-off Trimos Electronic Height Gauge.

  • 1-off Mitutoyo Projector with Digital Micrometer Axis Readouts.

  • 1-off Light Box for Colour Comparison.

  • 1-off Seat of ‘Mini-Tab’ SPC Software.

  • 1-off Seat of ‘Lighthouse’ SPC Software.

  • Plus a good supply of standard Metrology equipment including Micrometers, Vernier/Digital Calipers, Block Gauges, Pin Gauges, Master Colour Plaques & Special purpose testing jigs Designed and built by ourselves to suit individual Customer requirements.