Welcome to Lesney Industries - Precision Die-casters and Plastic Moulders

Lesney Industries in an ISO 9001-2008 accredited company and has been established for over 70 years in the pressure die-casting and injection moulding industry. Once Famous for  the millions of model vehicles produced through Matchbox Toys, we have also successfully introduced thousands of trade zinc die-casting and plastic injection moulding projects over this period.

At Lesney Industries we can offer two manufacturing divisions including own Products and Tampo Pad Printing:

  • Zinc Die Casting - using the latest High Pressure technology to provide flash free precision Zinc components.
  • Plastic Injection Moulding - With a wide range of machines manufacturing both Technical and Engineering products from virtually all materials including filled grades.

We are unique in having the two divisions co-existing under one roof in a trade environment. Customers find this advantageous when needing both a Zinc Die Casting and a Plastic moulded item particularly for the same end product.

Lesney offers a "one stop shop" with a highly regarded sub-assembly operation either within the production cell or separately in our dedicated secondary operations area.

In our Zinc die casting foundry, Lesney can also offer in-house Rumbling, Vibro-finishing, Clipping and Pressing, whilst our injection moulding department is supported by printing and sonic welding facilities.

High volume capability – With over 10 million Zinc die-castings and 20 million plastic injection mouldings produced annually, Lesney fully understand volume production and supply. We have achieved this whilst delivering consistent quality with high precision and low PPM's.

Lower Volumes Welcomed – Although operating traditionally higher volume processes, we also value customers who only require smaller batches, Kanban requirements or a one off run.

You will find us open and flexible to understand and try to meet your needs.  Contact us and find out first hand how helpful we can be. - Contact Us for more information.Wet